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wettability (wet´əbil´ətē),

n the angle at which a droplet of liquid interfaces with a horizontal surface; the shape of the droplet varies depending on the type of liquid and surface, thereby influencing the contact angle and thus the wettability. The greater the angle past 90°, the greater the wettability.
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5-7) The modified wettability of wood, however, can change its behavior with coating or gluing processes.
Wettability of the vitreous and materials is calculated by measuring the contact angle.
The improved (tertiary) oil recovery technologies such as chemical, gas injection and thermal recovery operations are implemented to recover these huge amounts of trapped oil by resulting favourable alterations in fluids-solid interactions, namely spreading, adhesion and wettability.
The wettability evaluation of the wood by determination of the contact angle is difficult, since the wood surface shows a certain roughness, inherent to its anatomic structure.
The figure 3 shows the water droplets on super hydrophobic treated Al 7075 alloy substrate, which obviously shows the change of wettability.
The coatings are promising for controlling mold growth while simultaneously providing improved wettability, flexibility, barrier and mechanical properties.
Overall, the plasma surface finish was superior to the conventional OSP finish with respect to wettability and joint reliability, indicating it is a suitable material for the fabrication of complex electronic devices.
In this study, we looked into the wettability of dual scales textured zinc oxide (ZnO) surface, which are the clusters, made of ZnO, and each cluster consists of the packed ZnO nanorods.
Crustaceans secrete waxes onto their cuticles, reducing cuticular wettability and possibly making it more difficult for epibionts to adhere (Becker et al.
folds of the cuticle or existing epicuticular waxes (formation of three dimensional wax crystals on the plant surface) have a strong influence on surface wettability.
To improve oil recovery several techniques had been employed, one of them is wettability alteration during water flooding.