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Genus of anthropoid apes that includes the gorilla and chimpanzee. Pan panisus and Pan troglodytes are chimpanzee species used in biologic experiments.
[G. myth. god of forest]


polyarteritis nodosa.


Greek mythological god of the forest.
panic - extreme and unreasoning anxiety and fear.

polyarteritis nodosa

; PAN rare form of necrotizing vasculitis affecting medium-sized arteries (male:female ratio of 2:1) during the fourth to fifth decade of life, especially in hepatitis B-positive individuals, causing multisystem inflammation; presents as a vague systemic illness with muscle pains, mononeuritis multiplex (due to vasa nervorum involvement), abdominal pains, severe hypertension, chest pain, renal impairment, arthritis, claudication, cutaneous purpura, ulcers and gangrene; treated with immunosuppressive drugs and antiviral therapy
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David James arrived with a big future, and his career went down the pan.
min Supermodel Heidi, 38, whose six-year marriage 38 m to musician Seal recently went down the pan, will be on another singles table with some eligible men.
But his dream of a continental-style atmosphere went down the pan when the portable loo arrived.