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Weighty with poems that defy characterization as much as they invite discussion, this raunchy but delicately provocative collection restores faith in the power and pleasure of the word.
For the last 26 years, Bragg has presented fascinating and thought-provoking films on the arts in The South Bank Show, while in this series he tackles the weighty issue of how professional people bring religion into their daily lives.
The pop culture that dominates the cities is a consistent and comfortable reference in these works, as it provides an "attitude and that Frank Sinatra-Billy Joel / state of mind." But it is in the juxtaposition of immediate commercialism, "Samuel Adams is a beer, John Hancock's signature / is an Insurance Company," with the nation's historic and social issues that Braggs offsets the superficiality of the times with meaningful and weighty observation.
"Many sports fans in Utah and all across the nation have strong feelings about the BCS," said Hatch, in the fine, grandiloquent rhetorical tradition senators usually employ when speaking about weighty matters of state, like Social Security reform or campaign finance.
But not that long ago, scrap paper markets were considered to be in dire need of such support, and consumer and office products companies faced a weighty decision as to whether the placement of a chasing arrows logo on the package would create quality doubts or be embraced for environmental friendliness.
If glossy output on weighty paper is key to your presentation, stick to the dependable copy shop when you take your next trip.
Even as I pondered those weighty issues, I mightily enjoyed the driving performance of this eight-cylinder car equipped with all-wheel drive, which the company calls 4Motion.
By identifying [Al.sub.13]--a molecule that is known to be phytotoxic and to have a high affinity for heavy metal cations--as the key molecule in floc formation, researchers now might be able to develop new approaches to attack this weighty pollution problem.
When it comes to the formation of souls seeking communion with Christ, the utmost care should be taken in choosing teachers for this weighty task.
Liberty, independence, and democracy are weighty ideals for a 2-foot sapling to embody but citizens of Boston; Hartford, Connecticut; and Newport, Rhode Island, this summer honored tiny trees with a celebrated lineage and a personal connection to those cities.
Don't let the weighty title fool you; this is no dry theological text.
Surf on over to to read the ongoing conversations about spirituality that touch on such weighty subjects as gender and aging's role in relationships.