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The psychophysiologic effect of zero gravity, as experienced by someone falling freely in a vacuum (for example, astronauts in a stable orbit). A temporary state of simulated weightlessness can be achieved during powered flight within the earth's atmosphere by traversing an inverted parabolic curve where gravitational pull and centrifugal force cancel each other out.
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A state in which there is no gravitational effect on a body or material
Physiologic effects Bone mineral loss, altered blood chemistries, weakened immune system, variable heart rate, arrhythmias, loss of skeletal and cardiac muscle mass and strength, increased urinary loss of nitrogen and phosphorus, motion sickness, and redistribution of fluids that are normally pooled in the lower torso and legs, resulting in a ‘fat face’
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In fact, it's the presence of Earth's gravity in "nearby" space that makes astronauts weightless. What happens is this: Once the astronauts turn off the engines, the spaceship coasts.
Researchers from the school of psychology will find out about the way humans adapt to differences in the control of movement while being weightless on a parabolic flight especially designed to create the zero-gravity experience.
But when you're weightless, says Vernikos, "its no longer necessary to reinforce those key points, and the mineral redistributes itself more evenly.
Rey of Intersonics, Inc., in Northbrook, Ill., is among the first to demonstrate that acoustic levitation at high temperatures is possible in a nearly weightless environment.
Zero Gravity Corporation boss Peter H Diamandis said that Hawking made two weightless flips "like a gold-medal gymnast".
The firm has 200 bookings at pounds 110,000 each to fly 87 miles up for 15 minutes and be weightless for five.
I'm So Lucky 4.25 SandownNick Fox's nap Weightless 3.50 Sandownanother chanceInnocent Splendour 9.00 Haydock Gives the impression that she is better than form so far this year, not discredited when backed latest.
Find out how to give your skin care luxurious, weightless feeling consumers love with Ceraphyl[R] SLK from ISP.
At the same time, White's use of Coloraid is itself already antiquated, already knowingly weighted as an analog metaphor for the ever more immaterial and weightless substance of the digital screen.
In the dark, the shiny metal becomes a weightless, reflective surface, generating new geometries and illusions of transparency.
The wheelchair-bound physicist has booked up to become weightless aboard a specially adapted Boeing 727.