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a change or deviation.
antigenic shift a sudden, major change in the antigenicity of a virus, seen especially in influenza viruses, resulting from the recombination of the genomes of two different strains; it is associated with pandemics because hosts do not have immunity to the new strain. See also antigenic drift.
chloride shift the exchange of chloride and carbonate between the plasma and the erythrocytes that takes place when the blood gives up oxygen and receives carbon dioxide. It serves to maintain ionic equilibrium between the cell and surrounding fluid.
mediastinal shift a shifting to one side of the tissues and organs of the mediastinum; see also mediastinal shift.
shift to the left
1. a change in the blood picture, with a preponderance of young neutrophils.
2. an increased oxygen affinity of hemoglobin.
shift to the right
1. a preponderance of older neutrophils in the blood picture.
2. a decreased oxygen affinity of hemoglobin.
weight shift
1. the frequent movement of a paralyzed or partially paralyzed patient to redistribute the patient's weight and prevent impairment of circulation, which leads to pressure sores. One variation is the wheelchair pressure release.
2. relocation of a patient's center of mass in order to allow movement; see also gait.
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An alteration; in pathology, structural alteration of which the cause and significance is uncertain.
Synonym(s): shift
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Vox populi
The change in a thing.
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1. Synonym(s): change.
2. A period of 8-12 hours during which an employee is assigned to work on a given day. Division of each 24 hours into day, evening, and night shifts is intended to maximize efficiency.
See also: deviation
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Patient discussion about shift

Q. I started a new job a month ago – it’s night shifts as a security guard in a large office building I don’t know why, but I started feeling very down in the last week. Can it be that the change in waking hours is effecting me?

A. there are dozens of studies about night shift workers that try to connect them to all sort of things. and there is a good reason- our hormonal balance is maintained by our Hypothalamus (an area in the brain). being awake on night time changes it's function, it changes our hormonal system balance and other things around our brain. this can easily cause things like depression amongst some people.

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The table tilt was performed with bilateral canes since this mimicked the subjects' typical mobility pattern and improved weight shifts with the activity.
This drill offers you a simple diagnosis for any weight shift problems and, by correctly repeating the drill, you will begin to improve your weight shift, consistency and power.
COP measurements were used to compute the number of lateral weight shifts as participants stood on the floors.
Most of the weight shifts reflected changes in the American economy during the 1982-87 period; however, some of die shifts are attributable to coincidental alterations in the structure or pricing procedures in the PPI.
Three recent studies investigating PU prevalence in an SCI cohort considered weight shift behavior as a potential risk factor [49-51].
The non-dancers demonstrated an inclination strategy in which the hips and head tilted to accommodate the weight shift to the new support base and which resulted in a bending of the trunk to keep the head vertical.
This allows for a weight shift to the inside part of the back foot, usually about 60 to 40%.
Make a compact feeling swing with less weight shift and lower body turn;
Stance-phase gait deficits included an abnormally reduced weight shift to the involved limb and poor control at the hip, knee, and ankle.
Foster has his mind on recovery but Arthur is talking about immortality and a weight shift to accommodate his vision of the legend he'll leave behind.
"The two skinny skis on your feet act like outriggers, and help you with the weight shift," he said.
With a reverse weight shift, there is no way you cannot hit your ball decently.