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A tree of the genus Salix; the bark of several species, especially S. fragilis, is a source of salicin.
[A.S. welig]
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Over the last two years the magpies have appeared in my garden in February, biting off small branches from the weeping willow before flying off when I race out of the front door with a broom.
Caption: Figure 1--Scanning electron microscopy images of compressed weeping willow wood panels (Sample a, density 0.50 g/[cm.sup.3]; Sample c, density 0.71 g/[cm.sup.3]; Sample e, density 0.89 g/[cm.sup.3]; Sample g, density 1.08 g/[cm.sup.3]).
The poet Ouyang Xiu (1007-1072), for example, noted that West Lake's waters were "so clear and green they might be painted." Nearly a millennium later, Huang Zunxian (1848-1905) described it as "a vague and indistinct expanse of water and clouds / where lotus leaves merge with weeping willow branches." In the six paintings here--all standing alone in insular grandeur--there were no lotus leaves and weeping-willow branches, and the waters were not clear and green but murkily white, as though luminous.
Author and illustrator Durga Yael Bernhard makes a strong case for outdoor exploration through charming art that includes a weeping willow in Holland, a white mulberry in Australia, a lychee in Hawaii, and a ginkgo in China.
Q: Our weeping willow has wood chips that are appearing from a branch on the ground.
He also likes to sleep in a plant pot wrapped around a weeping willow. He also eats the leaves of any plant or flower that he sees.
As part of NHS Forest's 2@2 campaign, Lincoln Dawkin, hospital director of estates and facilities, planted a weeping willow and an oak tree in the Jubilee Nature Reserve behind the hospital in Walsgrave.
Toppled by age and ants and headed to a wood chipper, an 80-year-old weeping willow from Cornell Plantations instead lives on as an award-winning sculpture.
A variety such as pencil cherry, which is a tall, thin tree, is perfect to give height without being invasive and the Kilmarnock willow - a miniature weeping willow - will also do the job and look great.
DO you know why the weeping willow weeps, or why there is a mountain dedicated to a goddess in Cowbridge?
"I'd climb trees - there was a big weeping willow. We had a flying fox [a zip-line].
Seven for a Secret is a joyous ode to an idyllic past where a group of children could play in a meadow framed by weeping willow trees.