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1. Slow discharge from a wound. 2. Lacrimation; crying.
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Excessive lacrimation. See epiphora; lacrimal apparatus; lacrimation.
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Patient discussion about weeping

Q. husband has horrible rash bil. below knees to his ankles. it is bright red yellow weeping cracks. On statins He has been on zocor for 15 years and we are so afraid this may have something to do with this drug. He has stopped taking the drug because the pain and weakness, and numbness in his legs is considerable

A. i looked up for side effects and i saw only "eczema" as a skin side effect. but it seems odd to me that after 15 years you got this kind of side effect. it should have appeared years ago. you know- it might be a very good idea to go and see a Dr... and not stopping a medication without warning..

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Lewis, and it is when we weep that we are at our most vulnerable.
The tears that I imagine Jesus wept are not the kind we weep into our pillows at night, but rather the kind that flex our fists into tight balls and send our whole bodies shaking.
Mortar Net[TM], the inventor and leading mortar dropping collection device, provides the solution for clogged weep holes in brick cavity and single-wythe concrete block construction.
Something quite different occurred in 1986 when an effigy began to weep at St.
The pontiff then called on the youth to learn how to weep.
Asylum seekers weep with loneliness and missing far away families.
In tribute to Sue Townsend, who died last week, and in recognition of the new Trussell Trust figures - a reworking of Do You Weep, Mrs Thatcher?
Perhaps it is knowing God weeps with us even when we no longer weep for
If we're going to weep, let's weep for the families left behind.
Walk from the Tomb: I never looked back,/Left off ploughing in the crossfield/For the last time./I won't be nailed again.//I'll bury softly this solider maimed,/Stooped and caped./He stood forever on the plain of pities,/But now he cannot cry./Meaning has gone out of him/As spirit leaves the corpse./I have already mourned,/Been the weeping itself./For this sad one I weep no more.
Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo said he would weep if a single mother sentenced to death by stoning for having a child out of wedlock was killed.
"We should ask for the grace to weep for this world, which does not recognise the path to peace.