weekend hospital

week·end hos·pi·tal

a special facility, or an arrangement within a hospital setting, which enables a patient to work in the community during the work week and receive treatment in the hospital during the weekend.
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Poor outcomes related to weekend hospital admission for many acute medical conditions have been described in the literature, "out not in patients with end-stage renal disease who are on dialysis," Dr.
The agreement includes a two percent increase to the on-call allowance and the night and weekend hospital rates.
Unfortunately, the message the physician gave to the interviewer was that the patient was addicted to her pain medication, rather than stating that she had developed physical tolerance due to her regular use of the medication over the past months and the lack of use over the weekend hospital stay.
However, at the weekend hospital staff said she was breathing on her own but suffering from jaundice, a common condition among premature babies.
Royal aides said the 101-year-old's health had improved after a weekend hospital check.
Weekend hospital rounds are handled by the physician on call, so she doesn't have to go in every weekend.