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Drug slang Marijuana, see there.
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any plant that competes for resources with a plant of importance to man and which is therefore regarded as a nuisance. Weeds usually have a high VIABILITY and can use up disproportionate amounts of water, sunlight and nutrients. Where the weed is of a different plant type from the crop plant (e.g. the weed might be a DICOTYLEDON, such as ragwort, the crop a MONOCOTYLEDON such as wheat) selective HERBICIDES are available which are effective against only broad-leaved plants.
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Q. is smoking weed bad for me? what can it do to me if it so?

A. all illegal drugs are bad,weed can cause memory loss,low sex drive,dependency,etc.it also causes family problems,and its ILLEGAL.

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If weeds have taken over a large area, they can be smothered.
Integrated weed management is a systematic approach in which the control of weeds is achieved by keeps its infestation below economic injury level.
Later, the VC along with faculty members and students inaugurated the campaign by removal of weed from sports ground, lawn and research area of the University.
Furthermore, high disease incidence, insect pests and weed challenges are common in tomato production in summer resulting in depressed yields of less than 5 tonnes ha-1 against varietal potential of between 60-100 tonnes ha-1 (Starke ayres, 2012).
Mr Monday Osaigbovo, Commissioner for Agriculture for Edo State, stated that it was high time attention was given to weed control.
(2) Frequency (constancy): it is the percentage of sampling units on which a particular weed species is found.
To the best of our knowledge, no research on survey of weeds with developing agricultural crops in Al-Shafa Area has been carried out.
Some of the above weeds were appeared immediately in the following week of transplanting of tomato crop and rest of them1 or 2 weeks later.
Weeds redeemed themselves once more when my wife and I were building our home.