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Drug slang Marijuana, see there.
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any plant that competes for resources with a plant of importance to man and which is therefore regarded as a nuisance. Weeds usually have a high VIABILITY and can use up disproportionate amounts of water, sunlight and nutrients. Where the weed is of a different plant type from the crop plant (e.g. the weed might be a DICOTYLEDON, such as ragwort, the crop a MONOCOTYLEDON such as wheat) selective HERBICIDES are available which are effective against only broad-leaved plants.
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Patient discussion about weed

Q. is smoking weed bad for me? what can it do to me if it so?

A. all illegal drugs are bad,weed can cause memory loss,low sex drive,dependency,etc.it also causes family problems,and its ILLEGAL.

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To determine if TED's performed better as top opening or bottom opening, NMFS evaluated four different TED designs (the NMFS TED, the Georgia Jumper, the Anthony Weedless TED, and the Super Shooter TED) in 1995 and 1996 in a total of 14 different fishing configurations using captive-reared sea turtles.
Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) suggested the decertification of the hooped hard and weedless TEDs, as well as the abolishment of the bait shrimp exemption.
The weedless treatment had the largest index value during the early part of the 1988 season, but the value dropped dramatically by late August.
From Snag-Proof's Original weedless frog and Southern Lures' Scum Frog, dozens of models are available, with new species discovered all the time.
Basically anywhere you would normally throw a top water lure; you can throw a frog with the added bonus of not getting snagged up, due to the weedless nature of the bait.
Pike and weeds go together like bears and woods and nothing moves through the watery timber better than weedless spoons.
This provides a weedless presentation, but when the fish bites, the hook point will emerge and sink into the fish's jaw.
Single hooks, if fitted so hook points face upwards, make the conventional crankbaits considerably more weedless than those fitted with treble hooks too.
"Does the ban include bucktail jigs, weedless rubber-legged bass jigs, jig-and-pig-rigs, spinner-baits, crappie jigs, lead-wrapped flies, ice jigs, weighted hooks, lures like Silver Buddies that smallmouths love, Mann's tail spinners, bait walker and bottom bouncer trolling/drifting rigs?" Armstrong writes.
It was heavily mulched and almost weedless. There was a flash flood this June, and our entire garden except for the perennial berries and a few stragglers that somehow held on were washed away in less than 30 minutes.
Relative to the inevitable snag (green bulrushes are tough), it's always surprised me that more anglers don't rig weedless or at least Texposed when casting to crappies in this vegetation.