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Drug slang Marijuana, see there.
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any plant that competes for resources with a plant of importance to man and which is therefore regarded as a nuisance. Weeds usually have a high VIABILITY and can use up disproportionate amounts of water, sunlight and nutrients. Where the weed is of a different plant type from the crop plant (e.g. the weed might be a DICOTYLEDON, such as ragwort, the crop a MONOCOTYLEDON such as wheat) selective HERBICIDES are available which are effective against only broad-leaved plants.
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Patient discussion about weed

Q. is smoking weed bad for me? what can it do to me if it so?

A. all illegal drugs are bad,weed can cause memory loss,low sex drive,dependency,etc.it also causes family problems,and its ILLEGAL.

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“Eventually this will be true for weeders and other smart technology.”
The Tournesol weeder is the latest product in the family of agricultural machines that founder Roger Pellenc started designing in a shed 28 years ago.
When your goal is to slice off weeds below ground level, use the kind with a single blade attached (often called Bar Harbor or New England weeders).
"Another similar one made by Yard Butler is the Rocket Weeder and the Fiskars' product is the UpRoot."
One-handed gardening tools (as opposed to those, like a shovel, that require two hands to operate) fall into five categories: digging blades (trowels); cutting and scraping blades (hoes and weeders); forks and cultivators; rakes; and multipurpose tools that combine two or more functions.
A few of these hand weeders have limited use, but some do many jobs.
An avid gardener, she belonged to "The Merry Weeders" Garden Club of Worcester and the Garden Club of Harwich.