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Drug slang Marijuana, see there.


any plant that competes for resources with a plant of importance to man and which is therefore regarded as a nuisance. Weeds usually have a high VIABILITY and can use up disproportionate amounts of water, sunlight and nutrients. Where the weed is of a different plant type from the crop plant (e.g. the weed might be a DICOTYLEDON, such as ragwort, the crop a MONOCOTYLEDON such as wheat) selective HERBICIDES are available which are effective against only broad-leaved plants.

Patient discussion about weed

Q. is smoking weed bad for me? what can it do to me if it so?

A. all illegal drugs are bad,weed can cause memory loss,low sex drive,dependency,etc.it also causes family problems,and its ILLEGAL.

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The Uproot Weeder is available at home centers or through the Web site.
The key machine-learning question underlying NEWS WEEDER is, How can we devise algorithms capable of learning a general model of user interests from a collection of specific text documents?
When I read the patent description of the cable weeder ("which will not break off the roots of the weeds, but will pull them out in their entirety") I was doubly impressed.
True Value will stop accepting manual invoices in the near future, according to Weeder.
Dandelion Weeder: This basic weed puller has a 36-inch-long handle and can dig deep to get at the root system of weeds.
Alternatively, help dad take his handyman role outside with Spear & Jackson Neverbend three-piece garden tool set or the Hozelock wonder weeder to ensure his garden blooms all summer.
"Other objects of this invention are to provide a weeder which can be drawn with a minimum of power; which will not break off the roots of the weeds, but will pull them out in their entirety." Because the cable drum rotates at a slower speed than the machine travels, each cable is caused to descend into the ground and drag below the surface with a rake-like action, causing roots to wrap around the cable.
Another highlight of HTF[R] was the retail panel, which included Lynda Moriarty, Ace Hardware Corp.; Larry Pensinger, Do it Best Corp.; Julia Saia, The Home Depot; Victor Salandanan and Julie Call, Lowe's; and Mike Weeder, True Value Co.
the Weeder's long, sturdy, easy-grip handle lets you tackle stubborn weeds without straining your back.
Remove isolated weeds in paths or driveways with an old knife or by spraying with a spot weeder.
There are five standard, forged heads available: three-tined cultivator, trowel, wire rake, dandelion weeder and fork.
Adam Donohue and Jamie Weeder are also expected to depart the club as Dunn rejigs his squad ahead of the festive period.