webbed fingers

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webbed fin·gers

two or more fingers united and enclosed in a common sheath of skin.

web·bed fin·gers

(webd fing'gĕrs)
Two or more fingers united and enclosed in a common sheath of skin.
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Surgeons have been separating webbed fingers for nigh on 200 years, and from all this experience certain principles have evolved.
He has a peculiar-shaped head and webbed fingers and toes.
Among other things, this phenomenon (pronounced apa-tosis, with the second "p" silent) prevents humans from having webbed fingers and eliminates cells of the immune system that can't tell "self" from "nonself.
Past surgeries have repaired cleft lips and palates, webbed fingers and toes and outer ear deformities, removed life threatening tumors as well as dental treatments, just to name a few.
POSSIBLE MALFORMATIONS: Back part of head may be prominent; short eyelid fissures; small head/mouth and unusually small jaw; cleft lip/palate common; clenched fists with index finger over lapping the 3rd and 4th fingers is almost distinctive of this disorder; absence of the distal crease on the 5th finger; nails are underdeveloped; big toe is shortened and frequently bent backward (dorsiflexed); underdeveloped or absent thumbs, club feet, rocker-bottom feet and webbed fingers and toe; in males, failure of the testes to descend into the scrotum.
He was born with webbed fingers, since rectified by surgeons.
Without it, humans would retain the webbed fingers and toes they had as embryos.