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Wasting or deterioration caused by friction.
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Wasting or deterioration caused by friction.
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Q. Why should people with diabetes wear shoes all the time? Earlier today I read an article about shoes and the different problems with different kinds of shoes. I can't find it anymore, which is why I didn't post the link. But in the article, it said that someone with diabetes or would likely eventually get diabetes should never go without shoes; whether inside or outside their house. Why would that be?

A. Many people with diabetes have decreased circulation, which means slower healing time. Adding to this, many also have neuropathy (nerve damage) in their feet. I have seen many diabetics that have decreased sensation in their feet and didn't even know it. If you can't feel it when you injure your foot, and it doesn't heal, it can lead to infection and amputation. Shoes protect feet from injury, that is why we recommend wearing them at all times. For this reason, it is also recommended that diabetics inspect their feet each day.
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BEIRUT: While some spent the weekend wearing thin the treads of their running shoes, well-heeled Beirutis flocked to Foch Street to visit JOSEPH.
"Unite informed the company that patience was wearing thin with this delaying and intransigent strategy, and that our membership were expecting a rapid resolution.
AFTER six long years the whitewashes of two inquiries by Lords Hutton and Butler are wearing thin, so it's time for another inquiry into the Iraq war.
"But the international community's patience with the regime is wearing thin."
They are suitable for use in appliance, medical, commercial, fitness and consumer products that must be able to withstand long life, cleaning and be easily operated by personnel wearing thin polymer surgical or food service gloves.
President Leonel Fernandez, during a Cabinet Meeting, said that the country has been plundered several times and that the patience of the Dominican people is wearing thin, reports Hoy (April 19, 2005).
Now, however, the magic is wearing thin. Tilga, her crotchety grandmother, the boat-boy Tahl, and his blind grandfather risk traveling through the Empire to ask the magician Faheel to keep the Valley safe once again.
But more than a month later, with no sign that Rajakumar, 72, is likely to be released, the support is wearing thin.
My personal patience was wearing thin. I also found myself with lingering guilt, resentment, and suspicion that led me to prayer and to keeping a journal of my feelings and thoughts during this difficult time.
Any enumeration of surviving pterodactyls in op-eddom would have to accord a high perch to The New York Time's Bob Herbert, whose form of class-warfare rhetoric was already wearing thin in the days of Harry Truman.
While the hip-hop contest over "keeping it real" is wearing thin in 1996, the new, honeyed R&B styling is rapidly shifting the scene from the street to the bedroom.
The residents' patience is wearing thin after their months' long ordeal.