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Wasting or deterioration caused by friction.


Wasting or deterioration caused by friction.

Patient discussion about wear

Q. Why should people with diabetes wear shoes all the time? Earlier today I read an article about shoes and the different problems with different kinds of shoes. I can't find it anymore, which is why I didn't post the link. But in the article, it said that someone with diabetes or would likely eventually get diabetes should never go without shoes; whether inside or outside their house. Why would that be?

A. Many people with diabetes have decreased circulation, which means slower healing time. Adding to this, many also have neuropathy (nerve damage) in their feet. I have seen many diabetics that have decreased sensation in their feet and didn't even know it. If you can't feel it when you injure your foot, and it doesn't heal, it can lead to infection and amputation. Shoes protect feet from injury, that is why we recommend wearing them at all times. For this reason, it is also recommended that diabetics inspect their feet each day.
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Philips' core range of headphones features memory foam cushions and custom-fit caps for long wearability to enhance the overall listening experience.
There was a wearability to some of these clothes that we don't always see in haute couture," said one fashion editor.
Footage Tools says all Big Shots (pneumatic piercing tools) are CNC machined to exact dimensional tolerances from a solid billet of nickel chromoly steel and fully heat treated for superior strength and wearability.
Another judge, Jesse Jam Miranda of Jammin Productions, said he was looking for wearability and a creativity that could make the dresses look as if they weren't made from recycled materials.
evenly Composite High Good Good Good Have been wearability known to deposit composite particles into ink and onto substrate.
Portability, wearability, and implantability are three basic levels of miniaturization for medical electronics.
About the collection: "It's based on architecture transformed in dynamic geometries and spirals and a testimonial of the perfect balance between creativity and wearability.
The devices provide 24/7 wearability and can be used to analyze circadian rhythms, automatically collect and score data for sleep parameters, and assess activity in any instance where quantifiable analysis of physical motion is needed.
Nayomi's Spring '09 collection of nightwear and lingerie offers a multitude of colours and styles based on glamour, simplicity and wearability.
PhotoMedex's Procyte sun care line offers superior protection and wearability, according to the company.
The disposable scrubs are made from a proprietary non-woven material which rivals cotton in comfort and wearability, with sizes from small to 4XL.
Here are all the basic keys to gems; from initial assessment of the factors which lend value to descriptive names, misnomers, facts on hardness and wearability and more.