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Herbal medicine
A shrub, the root bark of which contains myricadiol—a triterpene, myricitrin—a flavonoid glycoside, tannins, resin and gum; it is anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and astringent.
Electrolyte derangement; retention of Na+ and reduced K+.


A fragrant shrub (Myrica pennsylvanica, M. cerifera) native to North America with leaves that are prepared in various medicinal formulations.
Synonym(s): candleberry, southern wax myrtle, waxberry.

bayberry (bāˑ·ber·ē),

n Latin name:
Myrica cerifera; parts used: dried root bark, flowers; uses: diarrhea, jaundice, emetic, skin conditions, promotes healing of wounds; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, hepatotoxicity. Also called
candleberry, myrica, wax myrtle, spicebush, sweet oak, tallow shrub, vegetable tallow, waxberry, or
wax myrtle.