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Herbal medicine
A shrub, the root bark of which contains myricadiol—a triterpene, myricitrin—a flavonoid glycoside, tannins, resin and gum; it is anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and astringent.
Electrolyte derangement; retention of Na+ and reduced K+.


A fragrant shrub (Myrica pennsylvanica, M. cerifera) native to North America with leaves that are prepared in various medicinal formulations.
Synonym(s): candleberry, southern wax myrtle, waxberry.

bayberry (bāˑ·ber·ē),

n Latin name:
Myrica cerifera; parts used: dried root bark, flowers; uses: diarrhea, jaundice, emetic, skin conditions, promotes healing of wounds; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, hepatotoxicity. Also called
candleberry, myrica, wax myrtle, spicebush, sweet oak, tallow shrub, vegetable tallow, waxberry, or
wax myrtle.
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Two wax myrtle plants infested with lobate lac scale were selected for simulated frost treatment and one as a control.
Meanwhile, the retiring yellow and green females weave fine grasses into high-walled cup nests, usually in wax myrtle and other shrubs, low trees such as a red cedar or pine, or in vine tangles or Spanish moss.
Catalina cherry and Pacific wax myrtle screen the fence, while bearberry, ceanothus, Oregon grape, and penstemon fill the beds.
The bride's hand-tied wedding bouquet contained Casablanca lilies, hypericum berries, and wax myrtles.
Legare leads the way down a sandy path into woods dominated by palmettos, wax myrtles, scrub oaks and longleaf pines.