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wave·num·ber (σ),

The number of waves per centimeter (cm-1), used to simplify the large and unwieldy numbers heretofore used to designate frequency.
See also: wave number.
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For a Gaussian shaped spectrum S(k) with standard deviation [[sigma].sub.k] and center wavenumber [k.sub.c] the OCT axial PSF is
Figures 7(a) and 7(b) show the variations of [F.sub.x,2]/[rho]ghA and [F.sub.z,2]/[rho]ghA versus the dimensionless wavenumber kh, respectively.
The spectrum of 2-pyrrolidone treated with [C.sub.70] shows only a very slight broadening of the carbonyl absorption on the low wavenumber side at 5 [micro]l of 2pyrrolidone per mL of toluene saturated with [C.sub.70].
Variation of group velocity and effective index with the reduced wavenumber are plotted for characterizing the slow-light.
The increases in yellowness ([b.sup.*]-value) of gelatin gel from skin pretreated for a longer time were in agreement with the shift of Amide A and B to the lower wavenumber (Figure 2).
Where R([omega]) is the reflectance at a particular wavenumber. The refractive index N is the most widely physical quantity used in optical design.
There is no critical frequency, beyond which there are no solutions, as in the Rayleigh-Love model, so that a wavenumber k can be obtained for any frequency.
The C-H peak shifts to a higher wavenumber for Sample F3, whereas this peak shifts to a lower wavenumber for Sample F4.
So we perform Fourier analysis in plane waves and assume that all perturbations are of the form [e.sup.i(k,r-[omega]t)] where k = [k.sub.x][??] + [k.sub.z][??] is the wavenumber and [omega] to is the frequency.