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The form of a pressure or sound wave, electric stimulus, or pulse; for example, an arterial pressure or displacement wave; or of a sound or pacemaker pulse as demonstrated on an oscilloscope.
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The form of a pulse (e.g., an arterial pressure or displacement wave), or of the pacemaker pulse as demonstrated on the oscilloscope under a specified load.
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The shape or the representation of a signal, e.g., in cardiology, the shape of the electrical shock used in cardioversion or defibrillation.

biphasic waveform

A waveform used by some defibrillators that discharges energy in two phases (first positive, then negative). The shock applied by a biphasic defibrillator uses 30-40% less peak current at the same applied energy level than a monophasic defibrillator and is both less injurious to the heart and more likely to terminate ventricular fibrillation.

damped sinusoidal waveform

A defibrillation waveform that rises sharply to a peak voltage and then returns gradually to zero.

monophasic waveform

A waveform used by some defibrillators that delivers a single shock of positive energy to the myocardium.

truncated exponential waveform

A defibrillation waveform that rises sharply to a peak voltage and then is abruptly cut off and returns to zero.
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Since the elastic wave can be regarded as the combination that is superimposed by harmonic components with different frequencies, the different components will travel forward according to their respective phase velocities and the original stress waveform will gradually disperse during the propagation process, representing the dispersion in a spreading waveform.
The waveform dispersion mainly includes the following four aspects: (i) stress waveform oscillates during propagation.
In this paper, we combine the temporal correlated cognitive algorithm presented in [22] and Mary position phase shift keying (MPPSK) technique [26] to obtain an optimization waveform, which offers superior radar performance and high data rate communication capability between cognitive radar-communication (CRC) transceivers.
(1) We present a novel MPPSK-based radar-communication waveform design scheme.
According to Michael Fraebel, director of operational marketing in Rohde and Schwarz's secure communications division, "The contracts framework agreement allows the German armed forces to order additional SVFUA systems within a seven-year timeframe." He added that the SVFUA radios will "be equipped with the innovative Rohde and Schwarz High Data Rate waveform family for secure high data transmissions." Open sources note that the SVFUA radio will cover the 1.5MHz to three gigahertz waveband and will be equipped with both new and legacy waveforms, such as the HAVEQUICK-I/II air-to-ground/ground-to-air digital waveform used throughout NATO and the High Frequency (HF: three megahertz to 30MHz) Multiple Adaptive HF Radio System waveform and new waveforms such as COALWNW (see above).
Earmarked to equip the army's SIC-T (Sistema de Informacao e Comunicacoes Tatico/Tactical Communications and Information System) BMS to carry voice, data and imagery communications, these radios will also be equipped with the HAVEQUICK-I/II waveform (see below), along with High Frequency, fast frequency hopping and fast data (72kbps) waveforms.
Notice that change of parameter [A.sub.k] and/or [A.sub.0(k)] causes the change of the whole harmonic content of waveform of type (1).
Corresponding voltage waveform of PA is assumed to be of the form
(iii) The strategy adopted in this paper for waveform optimization offers more simplicity and accuracy than the optimization method proposed in [12].
According to Asgari et al., any type of clinical application that requires the extraction and interpretation of physiological signals or waveforms is susceptible to corruption by noise or artifacts [1].
Based on the double exponential function model, the calculation process of the simple and effective parameters is fused, and the effective fitting of the double exponential pulse waveform is achieved, and the typical form of the transmission line is determined.
Trpkosh predicted that Taiwan may be examining the possibility of integrating its own waveforms onto the radio.