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Propagation of a wave form at light speed across a distance of [10.sup.-32] centimeters of one of these dimensions occurs in an interval of only 3.33x[10.sup.40] seconds.
The form is a prolonged (larger) corrective wave formed by combining two separate corrective waves.
Hertz, the discoverer of radio waves (see 1888), had found that cathode rays could pass through thin sheets of metal, and this seemed to favor their being a wave form. In 1892 one of Hertz's assistants, the German physicist Philipp Eduard Anton Lenard (1862-1947), devised a cathode ray tube with a thin aluminum "window" through which cathode rays could emerge into open air.
The solid state circuitry has been modified to provide better wave form control and excellent protection for sensitive electronics and electric motors.
I realised that I could place a straight line on an invisible wave and make the wave form control the movement of the straight line."