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(wô′tə-rē, wŏt′ə-)
adj. water·ier, water·iest
1. Filled with, consisting of, or soaked with water; wet or soggy: watery soil.
2. Containing too much water; diluted: watery soup.
3. Suggestive of water, as in being thin, pale, or liquid: watery sunshine.
4. Lacking force or substance; weak or insipid: watery prose.
5. Secreting or discharging water or watery fluid, especially as a symptom of disease.
6. Accompanied by tears; tearful: a watery good-bye.

wa′ter·i·ness n.

Patient discussion about watery

Q. my husband has watery loose motion.6/7 a day. from about 5 mnths..he has lost 25-30 kg in weight very weak. he has had endoscopy colonoscopy n all the blood n stool tests done..the only thing the dr sez tht cud b wrong is tht he has a gluten allergy..tht test prooved positive.hes on a comple gluten free diet yet his stools still remain watery..help!

A. here is a wonderful site that you can write any symptom there is, add it other symptoms that your husband has and it'll give you all the illnesses that match those symptoms:

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From the palest of greys through to the wateriest blues, white can be chameleon-like in its appearance, and judging by recent interior exposure we are loving it.