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There are nine water-soluble vitamins which include vitamin C and the eight B vitamins, along with four fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K.
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- Feed Water-Soluble Vitamins & Minerals Market - Trends & Forecast up to 2019
Unlike boiling, it doesn't require that you submerge food in water, which can cause water-soluble vitamins (C, B6, B12, niacin, folate, riboflavin, and thiamine) to leach out of vegetables.
[USPRwire, Mon May 26 2014] Feed Water-Soluble Vitamins & Minerals Market by Type [Water-Soluble Vitamins (Vitamin B and Vitamin C), Water-Soluble Minerals (Iron Sources, Zinc Sources, Copper Sources, Manganese Sources, Others)], by Livestock & Geography - Trends & Forecast up to 2019
Determination of water-soluble vitamins in infant milk by high performance liquid chromatography.
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The contents of water-soluble vitamins (B-group), including thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, cyanocobalamin, and folic acid, can be increased in food either in their phosphorylated forms, free forms, or attached to proteins.
In addition to a full spectrum of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, a host of minerals and other important daily factors are present.
Among the topics are the role of essential fatty acids, water-soluble vitamins, nutrition and aging, nutritional aspects of diabetes, and vegetarianism and other popular nutritional practices.
"For example, we can test for all water-soluble vitamins in a single chromatographic set-up.