water of constitution

wa·ter of con·sti·tu·tion

water held by a unit of structure as an essential part of its constitution, though not an ingredient of its molecules. See: water of crystallization.
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The third is the water of constitution that exists as part of the molecular structure of the wood, in the form of hydrogen and hydroxyl groups, which split off and form water under prolonged heating [26].
Therefore, a considerably better cell structure can be obtained by using the bound water and/or the water of constitution released from the wood fiber, rather than injecting the water directly in the extrusion barrel into the plastic melt.
The amount of residual moisture in wood fibers as a function of temperature was investigated using TGA to gain a fundamental understanding of the devolatilization mechanisms of the free water, the bound water, and the water of constitution. Since the wood fibers are subjected to a high temperature in order to decompose HC during the foaming extrusion process, the devolatilization behavior of moisture from the wood fibers was investigated up to 205[degrees]C.