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Oomycota (oomycetes)

aquatic and terrestrial FUNGUS-like ORGANISMS, traditionally classified with the fungi, and according to some authorities, placed in the MASTIGOMYCOTINA. However, unlike most fungi, many oomycetes have a CELL WALL that appears to contain not CHITIN but CELLULOSE, and they typically produce motile ZOOSPORES, with two equal FLAGELLA, in ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION. Furthermore, SEXUAL REPRODUCTION is oogamous (see OOGAMY). Oomycetes may be PARASITES or SAPROBIONTS, and include water moulds and some important PATHOGENS of plants, such as Phytophthora infestans, which causes potato blight. This organism was responsible for the Irish potato famine in the 19th century.
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Using the antibacterial coating called KENIFINE, developed by Kobe Steel, it is now possible to reduce the amount of expensive veterinary medical products used so far to maintain the sanitation of hatchery equipment at fisheries and control parasitic water mold.
If slime deposits are coupled with a failure to maintain an oxidizer residual, the cause is likely to be a water mold problem.
Malachite green, a type of dye, has been highly effective at controlling water mold in fish.
As much as possible, avoid soil with very high organic matter in order to prevent water molds from attacking the seeds or young plants.