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Q. Can I get a headache from watching too much T.V? I've been having headaches after watching more than an hour and a half T.V straight. It also happens If I use the computer the same way.

A. Could be god's way of telling you that you should go out more, play basketball instead of watching basketball. But it's probably short eye sight problem. But it'll do you good going out side instead of playing in your computer!

Q. If diabetes has to do with sugar in the blood why does diabetic patients have to watch their salt consumption?

A. very good question :) and a good answer too:)
if you have Diabetes type 2 that means you have a risk factor for heart attacks. it also means you probably have high blood pressure, so it's in your best interest to watch your sult consumption even more then others.

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The Watchtower (a corporate entity operated by the JWs) has been under investigation internationally, with a Government Royal Commission in Australia issuing a scathing report about child sexual abuse within the JW Organization there.
Andrea Tenenti, the spokesman for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, also said that as far as he was aware, the new tower was not a response to the recently installed Israeli watchtower. UNIFIL was mandated in 1978 to confirm the withdrawal of Israeli forces from south Lebanon and assist the Lebanese government in maintaining "effective authority" in the area.
Borrinaga explained that the watchtower was most likely started by the Jesuits but was finished by the Augustinians in 1768.
The watchtower was eventually called Bantayan sa Hari.Danao hosts one of the oldest church complexes in the country.
Watchtower: "A girl of about 10, she's behind the embankment, scared to death."
NetherRealm also revealed in the Watchtower livestream that the Red Hood will be playable worldwide starting on Tuesday, June 13.
A joint venture of California-based real estate company CIMGroup, New York City-based real estate organisation Kushner and Dumbo, New York-based real estate company LIVWRK has acquired 85 Jay Street in Brooklyn from Watchtower Real Estate, the venture said.
ABU DHABI, May 31 (KUNA) -- Al-Maqta Fort and Watchtower is one of the oldest and most beautiful historic monuments in the Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi, dating back to over 200 years.
"Wall, Watchtower, and Pencil Stub: Writing During World War II" presents the war in its entirety, with all its force, suspense, and drama.
The Northstar Centre's photography group will show off their work at the Watchtower Gallery in Berwick at a free event running until Friday, November 14.
PLANS to replace a watchtower which plays a vital role in saving lives have been handed a cash boost.