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 (s) [sek´und]
the base SI unit of time, equal to ¹⁄₆₀ of a minute, and defined in terms of the periodicity of specific radiation of cesium 133.


verb To temporarily transfer a person to the employ of another, as typically used in the UK, to gain work experience.

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Q. second wind My cousin is an experienced aerobic for nearly 2 years. She does vigorous exercises. How a ''second wind'' affects her and what is it?

A. The term ‘second wind is mostly known to the people who are related to the fitness. No matter how fit you are, the first few minutes into vigorous exercise you'll feel out of breath, and your muscles may ache. Your body isn't able to transport oxygen to the active muscles quickly enough. As a result, your muscles burn carbohydrates an aerobically, causing an increase in lactic acid production. Gradually, your body makes the transition to aerobic metabolism and begins to burn nutrients (carbohydrates and fats) aerobically. This shift over to aerobic metabolism coincides with your getting ''back in stride'' (a.k.a. the ''second wind''). The more you train and the more fit you become, the sooner you will get your ''breath'' back and reach an aerobic steady state that you can maintain for a relatively extended duration.

Q. What is the second phase of alcohol rehab? I guess the first one is well known... admitting you are addicted, but then what?

A. anybody??? advises about the second phase of rehab??

Q. what to expect from second month of pregnancy? My wife is pregnant for the first time and I'm knowledgeless...what should I expect from her second month? pain? moods? anything else I should know??

A. Thanks zoe2008, you've helped a lot! The craving thing is indeed happening, I've never bought so many sweet potato in my life!!!

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He performed his two routines, the down and out Little Waster with a strong Pitmatic accent from his earlier career as a miner, and soldier act Private Thompson, between the 1950s and 1970s.
She added: "You are not a waster and I don't care if anyone has ever said that to you before.
According to a study published on Monday, we are Europe's worst energy wasters with bad habits such as leaving appliances on standby estimated to waste pounds 11bn by 2010.
Millions of people who leave TVs on stand-by, unnecessary lights switched on and phone chargers needlessly plugged in secured the nation its place at the top of an energy wasters' league.
The 'waster' would throw away his betting ticket, trudge back to the bar and start trying to find the winner of the next - with predictable results.
Upon meeting him I found he was not the waster, junkie or sicko thug that he is made out to be.
Which wanton waster collected more votes than Arsenal's pounds 8m flop?
Apparently suggesting to her daughter she has nothing more to do with the idle waster never once crossed her mind.
Take Craig Bellamy, who's been portrayed throughout his career as your typical foul-mouthed waster. But look at his actions this summer.
The Little Waster's gags about debt and dodging the bailiffs may feel a little too bang up to date in today's economic climate but, back then, they broke a social taboo, as broadcaster Frank Wappat remembers in the programme:
But watch out smokers, if oneday I progress to the dizzy heights of management, I won't be employing any of this time waster club.
HOW on earth can they expect this ridiculous money waster called the ULTra transport system to stay on track?