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Computers A popular term for ‘nonsense’ produced by a printer—e.g., incorrect ASCII characters versus text, often due to loose cables to the printer or due to use of an incorrect printer driver
Drug slang Regional street term for inferior quality drugs
Vox populi American for solid (municipal) waste; rubbish
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Scientists from the University of Plymouth demonstrated that adding biochar - a solid, carbon-rich material derived from biomass - to soil constructed from waste materials, reduces the loss of essential nutrients such as nitrogen and carbon.
We believe if officials of the AMA were paying contractors de-silting the drains from their personal pockets, they would have ensured that the waste material scooped from the gutters are promptly evacuated from the site of the work.
According to officials of the Mindanao International Container Port (MICP), the waste materials will commence their return trip to South Korea on January 9.
In its detailed verdict, the commission ordered the relevant institutions not to throw waste material into the sea.
Most people dismissed her/labelling her attention seeker when she opted to make good use of waste materials.
"The dioxin in the waste material does not dissolve easily in water but it can migrate further out into the surrounding sediments," the statement said.
While it is unlikely that waste material containing Dioxin was released into the environment, additional scientific data is needed to confirm no materials have been released from the site.
Mark Butterworth, director of regulation and enforcement at the council, and Lisa Harris, director of regeneration and housing, said in a report to councillors this week: "It is the owner's intention to remove the contaminated waste material and submit a planning application for the retention of the remaining waste material." They added: "If a planning application was to be submitted for the site to regularise its current state it is unlikely that planning permission would be granted.
"We were primarily concerned with the use of the material because it starts out as a waste material before it is processed," says Pugh.
More importantly, reusing waste material in this way demonstrates the creative potential of environmentally aware design.
Bottles now can be designed with less waste material in the dome and preforms can be produced with less material to reduce cost.

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