waste management

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waste man·age·ment

(wāst manăj-mĕnt)
Administration of activities that provide safe collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal of potentially hazardous waste products (i.e. needles, tissue specimens).
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The DENR official promised to work closely with the local government units who have not yet come up with their solid waste management plans to approach the Solid Waste Management Division of the DENR Central Visayas regional office.
Later, the court sought report on waste management and sewage treatment projects and adjourned hearing of the case for one month.
In its report, the 20-member committee said Sukari industries has a good waste management process.
The acquisition advances Waste Management's growth strategy and aligns with the company's financial goals, including growth in earnings per share, margins, and cash flow.
'These expectations are not out of the box, they are things we have been clamouring for and we hope and looking forward to working with the incoming administration, especially in the area of policy formulation, implementation and improvement of the entire value chain in the waste management industry.
In 2018, Waste4Change has worked together as Bank DBS Indonesia's waste management vendor.
The Beavers' suit accused Waste Management of trespass, causing a private and public nuisance, negligence and violation of the Arkansas Solid Waste Management Act.
Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological and Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 mandates the creation of the BESWMC for the proper segregation, collection of solid waste from source.
The purpose of this training was to explain how waste management is conducted in the private sector and how public hospitals can improve waste management and segregation for a better environment by reducing hazards.
The Waste Management Rules 2018, to come into play immediately, have been drawn up in line with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Environmental Protection Act, 2014, according to officials.
Forty-eight private recycling companies in Seoul and the surrounding area refused to collect recyclable plastic bags, bottles and plastic foam Sunday, posing a waste management crisis.

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