waste management

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waste man·age·ment

(wāst manăj-mĕnt)
Administration of activities that provide safe collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal of potentially hazardous waste products (i.e. needles, tissue specimens).

waste management,

n protocol for the safe disposal of waste products, such as needles, tissue specimens, and instruments used in dental procedures.
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Commenting on the Waste Management Solutions Forum, Eng.
pharmaceutical waste management market is segmented on the basis of substance generator, type, and category.
This market is driven by the growth in the parent waste management industry, along with rising awareness for wet waste management and upcoming new technologies such as waste-to-energy solutions.
The event is addressing all areas of waste management, including: solid waste management, construction and demolition waste management, industrial waste management and waste management for oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
The main reason for (the single-stream recycling) is to allow ease and convenience to recycling," Waste Management spokeswoman Sarah Polito said.
In addition, the service contract obligates WB to obtain certain insurance coverage, including workers' compensation, employer's liability and general liability, and to name Waste Management as an additional insured under its coverage.
For more than 15 years, Waste Management has been actively developing landfill gas-to-energy projects.
Emphasis is also being placed on the ability of technicians to collect and analyze water and soil samples, design waste management procedures and work in compliance with relevant environmental guidelines, she says.
Through an innovative waste management program that controls and tracks each aspect of the waste removal and recycling process, HVS-R/E Hospitality Waste Management Systems tailors its services to individual hotels' needs in order to significantly lower the cost of solid waste removal, free management resources to focus on core business issues, streamline operations, and centralize waste recycling and disposal functions.
it is interesting to note that while the Baucus bill establishes recycling as the second-highest priority waste management alternative in the bill's national policy statement, it also poses onerous and costly requirements on businesses that practice recycling.
Participating in that meeting were the Association of Plastics Manufacturers, Europe; Plastics Waste Management Institute, Europe; Plastics Waste Management Institute, Japan; SPI's Council for Solid Waste Solutions (U.
PHOENIX -- Waste Management (NYSE: WM) today announced that it has surpassed the record-setting 97 percent waste diversion success achieved at the 2012 Waste Management Phoenix Open and it is on track to divert 100 percent of 2013 Waste Management Phoenix Open waste away from landfills and into recycling and composting facilities, as part of the tournament's Zero Waste Challenge.

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