waste, infectious

waste, infectious,

n waste that is contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms.
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Approved wastes include: Offensive Waste, Infectious Waste, Sharps Waste, Cytotoxic and Cytostatic Medicines, Medicinal Waste, Amalgam Waste and Small Animal Remains.
Secretary Health further said proper training should be imparted to the staff for segregation of hospital waste so that it could be properly identified as municipal waste, infectious waste and hazardous hospital waste.
The transfer station cannot accept hazardous waste, infectious waste or asbestos, Settles reported.
Tenders are invited for Pack Cartons for Infectious Waste, Infectious Waste Package for Polypropylene Containers Acrid-Tait, High Density Polyethylene Pack Bags and Polypropylene Bags Autocalvabile
0- Handling of hazardous waste, infectious waste risikoavfallog for St.
Contract awarded for collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of 100,000 pounds of solid waste, infectious and sharps for national hospital of san marcos