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(wŏsp, wôsp)
Any of numerous social or solitary hymenopterans of the suborder Apocrita, especially of the family Vespidae, that characteristically have a slender hairless body with a constricted abdomen, two pairs of membranous wings, a mouth adapted for biting or sucking, and in the females an ovipositor sometimes modified as a sting.

wasp′y adj.
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(1) Wasp

A flying insect of the order Hymenoptera whose sting may trigger allergic reactions of variable intensity
(2) WASP

A commonly used acronym for
Informatics Wireless application service provider
Molecular medicine Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein
Vox populi White Anglo-Saxon Protestant The demographic profile of the typical upper-class American until the end of the 20th century
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Waspishly, it's claimed he has a card in his top pocket, in case of a sudden collapse, saying: "I'm Wallace Mercer...call a Press conference."
But, as a friend waspishly observed: "More like the Taj Mahal - big and round!" sby Having had my fill of long-distance cycling, Reuben heroically hit on a plan that involved neither Lycra nor training but, more crucially, lashings of real ale.
At the same time, he muses waspishly at the state of the UK, contrasting the excesses of the Royal couple (Betty and Phil) with the poverty of their slumdwelling subjects, before looking at the blight of the high-rises which sprang up in the 1960s, illustrating "the British genius for creating the dismal".
Snubbed by the socially ambitious couples she meets at elegant soirees, and irritated by the mothers who channel their energies into PTA meetings, the discovery her husband is having an affair with his colleague, Flavia, younger, thinner and waspishly sharp, comes as the final straw.
In the midst of the often chaotic goings-on, Roth gives the standout performance, although his waspishly malevolent marquis is a stock character.
In the US on Friday, Cowell waspishly criticised Susan for changing her appearance, saying: "Get yourself together, sweetheart, for the big one - the semi-final.
Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker waspishly told the princess's former butler: "Having examined the matter it doesn't seem to me they are secrets at all.
However, he was a cantankerous, misanthropic character who, from his drab but secure perch as university librarian in Hull, regarded much of contemporary life with a loathing often waspishly expressed in his letters.
Bringing further fun to the proceedings are Ewell, as the waspishly wise Hooper, and Mewes, as the flippant diner philosopher.
Waspishly, Mati says: "In reference to Hell's Kitchen, all I can say is that it's one of the few times in 14 years I've known exactly where he is every night.
Unfortunately, despite Carlyle and Miller playing to the hilt wallowing in the period muck with big silly grins, Stott and Cumming's waspishly foppish Rochester not far behind, Scott doesn't seem able to turn the flame up under his romp.