Wasp Waist

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Fashion A term referring to a woman's (or cross-dressing man’s) waist when subjected to the rigours of a corset
A wasp contour was a hallmark of beauty in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when ‘normal’ corseted waists ranged from 23 to 20 inches
Medical problems Fractured and deformed ribs, respiratory complaints, weak abdominal muscles, deformed and displaced internal and reproductive organs, the last of which increases the risk of miscarriage and maternal death
Genetics The term wasp waist has also been used to describe that of a person with Löwenthal’s disease, a familial condition characterised by a thin waist, enlarged pelvic and shoulder girdles, hyperextended and atonic extremities, muscular sclerosis and rhizomelic contractions
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Lawton with the same generous smile--the other a thinner, prettier version of the same familial face, both wasp-waisted in corseted dresses.
And stations now hire certified meteorologists to deliver the forecast, not wasp-waisted weather gals or chummy announcers.
Now we could see wall-long Art Nouveau murals of sun-tanned boys leaping over bulls' backs and bare-bosomed, wasp-waisted Knossan ladies with snakes twined around their arms.
The edition's cover features a wasp-waisted fop checking his reflection in the mirror with a satisfied smile as he adjusts the noeud of his cravat; it is Daumier's lithograph Coquetterie (1839) in the single color of burnt sienna (see Aphorism XXXVII, "En toute chose, la multiplicite des couleurs sera de mauvais gout").
Given all the other '70s icons that have come back into fashion in recent years--bell-bottoms, platform shoes, muscle cars, ABBA--perhaps it's not surprising that the wasp-waisted nuclear reactor cooling tower has lurched back into political vogue.
Many broadsides against the officer corps did accuse it of laziness, and such criticism was sometimes phrased in terms like "wasp-waisted dandies," but such rhetoric could hardly be sustained upon closer examination.
Instead of joining all the others by coming out with a wasp-waisted, BRI-type slug fully encased in a two-piece sabot, Remington borrowed from their own .30 caliber Accelerator technology.
Wasp-waisted in shape, BRI bullets utilize air flow over their rear sections to achieve flight stability.
The sets were designed by Lez Brotherson, whose version of the housing estate suggested a stultifying sameness that bordered slyly on the satirical, as did his wasp-waisted, pushy American women.
Key looks of the era were the figure-hugging pencil skirts and wasp-waisted blouses with peplums, also circle skirts, cut from yards of material and worn with layers of net petticoat.
Whether it is a pair of lace-trimmed French knickers under a flimsy slipdress, or a full-on, wasp-waisted corset, the "I-forgot-to-put-on-my-dress" look is with us again.
The openwork silhouette of the structure is reminiscent of a wasp-waisted cooling tower; the discussion that accompanied it, documented in the catalogue with clippings from German local newspapers, cast the work in terms of the human body's shapes: Slimmer?