warty dyskeratoma


a tumor from the keratinocytes, characterized by abnormal, imperfect, or premature keratin development. See illustration.
Warty dyskeratoma. From Dorland's, 2000.
warty dyskeratoma a solitary brownish red nodule with a soft, yellowish, central keratotic plug, most commonly occurring on the face, neck, scalp, or axilla, or in the mouth; histologically it resembles an individual lesion of keratosis follicularis.
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wart·y dys·ker·a·to·ma

a benign solitary tumor of the skin, usually of the scalp, face, or neck, with a central keratotic plug; it appears to arise from a hair follicle, and microscopically resembles a lesion of keratosis follicularis but is larger, with more extensive epithelial downgrowth.
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Warty dyskeratoma (WD) is an unusual benign tumour with a follicular origin.
Warty dyskeratoma is an uncommon benign tumour first reported by Helwig in 1954 as "isolated Darier's disease" [1].
These findings are classical of Darier's disease, but are also found in Hailey Hailey disease, Grover's disease and warty dyskeratoma. (9)
It is clinically differentiated by PAD and histologically by warty dyskeratoma. We are reporting this case for its morphological rarity.