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Dean, U.S. surgeon, 1924-1989. See: Warren shunt.
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"Now, I hope you are happy, Julia," quietly observed Mary Warren, as the two girls took their seats side by side in Mrs.
As Mary Warren saw that her friend was serious she changed the subject; soon after, we were set down at Mr.
"I do not know WHY it is, but both you and Mary Warren appear to be always thinking of Mr.
Lammeter's father come into these parts, and took the Warrens?"
We heared tell as he'd sold his own land to come and take the Warrens, and that seemed odd for a man as had land of his own, to come and rent a farm in a strange place.
For there was allays a talk as nobody could get rich on the Warrens: though he holds it cheap, for it's what they call Charity Land."
A few weeks after the departure of the troops, Commodore Warren sent a small vessel to Boston with two French prisoners.
"Never, my dear girl!" exclaimed Miss Warren with extreme fervour.
Miss Warren," said the youth with a lip that betrayed by its tremulous motion the interest he took in her speech--"never includes a long period of time.
'left this place when his lady died, feeling it lonely like, and went up to London, where he stopped some months; but finding that place as lonely as this--as I suppose and have always heard say--he suddenly came back again with his little girl to the Warren, bringing with him besides, that day, only two women servants, and his steward, and a gardener.'
"Egad," said D'Artagnan, "the park is like everything else and there are as many fish in your pond as rabbits in your warren; you are a happy man, my friend since you have not only retained your love of the chase, but acquired that of fishing."
"No, try this hare, which I had killed yesterday in one of my warrens."