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n.pl the details of a contract; considered less important than the conditions. Whereas the penalty for breach of conditions is the termination of the contract, the penalty for breach of warranties is payment of damages to the innocent party.
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It's important to pay attention to the verbiage of your warranties, even with simple things like leaks.
222) The standard contract of OneGuard Home Warranties provides in its standard coverage carpet cleaning for three rooms in the house (no more than 600 square feet) for the applicable service fee.
The successful use, speed and ease of industry loss warranties have made them hot reinsurance products in the current post-Hurricane Katrina market.
A "full warranty" must meet five tests: it must be freely transferable to later owners of the purchased goods; service calls must be made without any charge to the consumer; if the contractor cannot repair the problem, consumers can choose to get their money back or obtain a complete replacement of the damaged part; to make a claim, the consumer merely has to notify the contractor of the problem and request warranty coverage; and the full warranty must not limit any implied warranties the consumer may also be entitled to under state law.
Home warranties can turn an upset homeowner into an appreciative client.
Warranties typically contain exclusions regarding damage from hail and wind as well as other "acts of God.
A limited warranty sufficient to exclude or modify a housing merchant implied warranty must be written in plain English and must clearly disclose that the warranty is a limited warranty which limits implied warranties on the sale of the new home and the words "limited warranty" must be clearly and conspicuously captioned at the beginning of the warranty document.
very confused, with the myriad of warranties that are issued by the roof system manufacturers who use warranties as weapons or marketing tools to sell their products.
Owners have definite responsibilities regarding the maintenance and inspection of their building's newly installed roofs and these obligations are clearly spelled out in the fine print of all roof warranties.