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n uncontrolled torsional change of shape or outline, such as that which may occur in swaging sheet metal, in denture material, or in other materials exposed to varying temperatures.
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Morpheus Photo Warper picture distortion software lets users warp and exaggerate portions of photos, such as body parts.
Available today, WARP SpiderCache Enterprise v4 is priced from $10,000 in the US and GBP 6,500 BP in the UK.
com that serve a mix of dynamic content can greatly benefit from WARP SpiderCache," explained Michael Liss, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing.
WARP Technology Holdings (OTC BB:WRPT) is a leading provider of network and application acceleration technology solutions.
The WARP 2063e appliance can be used to deploy an Application Delivery Networks (ADN), providing a strategic technology infrastructure to significantly improve the speed and capacity of business-critical applications and transaction processing systems, such as online reservation and e-commerce, ERP, CRM, supply chain management, and other back-office operations.
Managed service providers operating in the education sector will particularly appreciate the manageability WARP DataReactor gives across large populations of caches.
com deployed two WARP 2063e edge appliances and two WARP 2063e edge nodes, which serve 100% of the traffic for all 40 of its Web sites located across 14 countries.
WARP's thought leadership in the application acceleration market niche has been provided by its WARP 2063e, the most advanced, multi-function application acceleration edge appliance available today.
The company attributes the improved market penetration to the release of its WARP 2063e v3 application acceleration appliance, and the introduction of its recently announced "Inktomi replacement" program.
The key enhancement to WARP SpiderCache v3 is its innovative distributed architecture that provides organizations with flexible configuration and installation options.