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n.pl movements preced-ing an exercise regimen. Performed to increase blood circulation, release muscle tension, and increase awareness.
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Extensive warm-up routines suit some players but certainly not all.
England lost their first warm-up match of the trip on Sunday, a 53-run upset by India A, while India's senior side turned around a recent losing run of their own with a 10-run win against Pakistan.
Collingwood (right) reckons the warm-ups have left England believing they can win the series Down Under for the first time since 1974, ahead of Thursday's first Test in Brisbane.
Who would have imagined that in just five days my early morning embouchure warm-ups would be guided by leading professional horn experts and that I would attend 10 recitals, 3 master classes, and 10 horn technique lessons with some of the world's greatest players and teachers, as well as have a personal lesson with Shirley Hopkins-Civil.
I thought about it on Tuesday after the game and told him I would do all the warm-ups and go through all the routines on matchday.
95) showcasing three thoroughly 'user friendly workouts to tone the body, enhanced with four Bible-based spiritual warm-ups to tone the soul.
Lorenzo also crashed in the warm-ups and was well down the grid but he battled through to an impressive victory.
Kim, who upstaged reigning world champion Asada at the Four Continents contest last month, made a stunning recent comment which was interpreted to mean Japanese rivals had obstructed her warm-ups before competitions.
People are mistaken if they see me playing with the ball before warm-ups and think I'm showing off.
Harvey says Bassett, who can play in midfield or defence, is good enough to win a place in Hope Powell's England team for September's World Cup in China and can drive that message home after being picked in the 30-strong squad for three warm-ups.