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1. Superficial cystic structure that results from embedded larvae of the genera Hypoderma bovis and H. lineatum, which affect cattle. A warbles cyst may damage the animal s hide. Migration of the larvae to less common sites (for example, spine). May lead to nervous dysfunction including paresis, paralysis, and rarely, death. the condition (in the pl. form, warbles) resulting from infestation of the larval form of the fly.
2. The condition (in the pl. form, warbles) resulting from infestation of the larval form of the fly.
Synonym(s): ox warbles
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Efficacy of invermectin against goat warbles (Przhevalskiana Silenus Brauer) in Pakistan.
ABSTRACT: Warble fly (WF) is one of the serious threats affecting the goat production in Pakistan.
It is concluded that the commercial ELISA kit is a useful tool for the serodiagnosis of goat warble fly infestation which provides a base line data for the control and future eradication program of this economically important parasite.
Among the common ectoparasites of goats, warble fly, Przhevalskiana silenus, commonly exists in Pakistan (Shah et al., 1981; Khan et al., 1991; Ayaz, 1998) which belongs to order Diptera family Oestridae.
The warble fly infested skin devalues up to 70% depending upon the intensity (Anonymous, 2008), which is the most important constraint in uplifting the market of hides and skins (Shafiq and Kakar, 2006; Shahid et al., 2013).
Doug Schulkind, who DJs and blogs for WFMU in New Jersey, devoted his January 27 broadcast to Holy Warbles, playing some of his favorite finds from the now-defunct blog over the years.
The gravelly voiced tough-guy will warble the Johnny Mercer-penned "Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive." on the upcoming soundtrack to the Warner Bros.
Despite the prevalence found in this study is moderate, the intensity of infestation is noticeable taking into consideration that Pakistan is a major exporter of skin, leather and their products warbles thus results in serious economic losses of the country.
He warbles Home on the Range, Born to Be Wild, Born to be Alive and Do Wah Diddy.
"Don't go away love / Don't disappear into you," he warbles. "We lived for the future, the future has passed / We always admitted that nothing would last ...
Velvet Goldmine star Jonathan Rhys Meyers approximates Brian Eno ("Baby's on Fire") and Cockney Rebel's Steve Harley ("Tumbling Down"), while Radiohead's Thom Yorke warbles demanding Roxy oldies "Ladytron" and "Bitter-Sweet." Elastica's Donna Matthews punks out with Teenage Fanclub on the New York Dolls' "Personality Crisis," and Mudhoney's Mark Arm contributes an Iggy Pop impersonation for "T.V.