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An armed conflict including one or more governments, and causing the death of 1,000 or more people per year
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But if you look at the threats that chiefly concern our foreign policy todaythe fight against Islamic terrorism, the commercial rivalry with China, even the war of nerves with Putin's Russia in Eastern Europethey all lack the element that made the Soviet-American struggle so consequential.
"Quite who will crack first in this war of nerves remains to be seen."
Since then, a war of nerves between the South and the North has continued, from the total withdrawal of South Korean workers from the complex, to the botched inter-Korean ministerial meeting and the breakdown of working-level talks after six rounds.
Meanwhile, Dimitrova also said that currently, this was a trench warfare, a war of nerves. "If the government does not reconsider its position, the pressure can only grow -- slowly and gradually or quickly, with the arrival of autumn," she said.
prudently and tactfully confronted the war of nerves launched by the lackeys of (global) hegemony," the Leader underlined.
Iran said on Tuesday it had successfully tested medium-range missiles capable of hitting Israel as a response to threats of attack, the latest move in a war of nerves with the West.
Fortunately some gangsters in Athens blew her up and then demanded the insurance money, something I refused to pay, and a very long war of nerves and threats only ended once I imported some muscle from America who photographed themselves next to the daughter of the leading hood, who gave up the fight.
Since then, non-military ships from both countries have been deployed there in a war of nerves between the two governments that has severely tested their diplomatic relations.
If the English political philosopher Thomas Hobbes could get re-incarnated to come and see the situation the Sudan and South Sudan have been put under, he would surely admire the fulfillment of his theory of beginner states: each lives in constant fear of its neighbor while armament race, war of nerves, cold war, economic blockade, espionage, propaganda and ideological warfare fill the interval between open hostilities.
Azumi said Tuesday that the government is fighting a ''war of nerves'' against investors making huge one-sided bets for quick profits, stressing that its action does not contradict the G-20 leading economies' resolve to address excess volatility in the market.
Even if this film seems farfetched, its war of nerves amid such unthinkable carnage serves to shatter our sense of complacency.
She also said that it was essential to evolve and bring forth liberal minds ahead in view of threats of extremism and terrorism; as " this is war of nerves, not necessarily of weapons" she declared.

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