War Crime

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A violation of established protections of the laws of war, which is defined by international law—e.g., the Hague and Geneva Conventions
Examples of war crimes Mistreatment, deportation, enslavement and/or mass murder of prisoners of war, hostages or civilians, genocide, and wanton destruction of population centres and any devastation not justified by military, or civilian necessity
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Suspected War Criminal in Australia Sought', The Age
And within a couple of days almost all the leading war criminals, rapists as well as human rights violators were arrested including Jamat Chief Golam Azam.
People are disgusted by his move and no one would ever be interested in discussing or debating with him on why or how war criminals should be worshipped.
SOUNDBITE 4 Erich Priebke, Nazi war criminal (deceased) (Italian, 27 secs):
I have no problem with genuine people who claim asylum, but we should not harbour war criminals.
The United States and Canada have created programs to ensure that they will not be havens for war criminals and human rights violators.
We shall protest every speech until the war criminal is indicted,' they wrote at the end of the clip.
The magazine says that Blair remains the number two person, after George Bush, on the wanted list of war criminals.
MacArthur orders the arrest of former Japanese premier Prince Furnimaro Konoye as a war criminal
In the end then, Radovan Karadzic, a war criminal of virtually unsurpassed atrociousness who continues to destabilize a volatile region, is allowed to roam free--not because we can't get him but because we have chosen not to.
Summoned from Mexico to Spain by crusading judge Baltasar Garzon, Cavallo is the first accused war criminal Garzon has been able to be extradite and try.