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Chung Yik, Chinese pathologist, 1889-1931. See: Wang test.

wang (wäng),

n in traditional Chinese medicine, the first aspect of diagnosis that involves visual examination of patients—particularly their spirit, form, and bearing; the face and the head; and excreted substances. See also qie and wen.
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Our immediate plans for the hotel and conference center include upgrades to guest facilities and meeting space, and a commitment to making the Marriott the premier business hotel on Long Island," said Wang.
Within months, Wang was back in Zhongguancun shopping a new business plan for a company that he says "will change the time paradigm here yet again.
The semiconducting belts might have electronic and optical properties handy for the development of a variety of microscopic devices, says Wang.
However, Wang adds, many accountants are anxious about the computer for another reason: "They are concerned the computer will take over some of their functions and possibly render them obsolete.