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In fact, there are bacteria that cause both acute bronchitis and the so-called "walking pneumonia";
Some of the pneumonia classifications include community-acquired, health care-associated, hospitalacquired, ventilator-associated, and walking pneumonia [15].
Most pneumonia, including walking pneumonia, is caused by bacteria, which can be treated with antibiotics.
Clinton was diagnosed with walking pneumonia, while the sight of Trump gives most people the dry boak.?
“I have had to work through walking pneumonia, an ear infection and laryngitis.
"I had walking pneumonia and it is highly contagious."
If you catch another cold, it's OK to dance as long as there are no complications, such as bronchitis or walking pneumonia, and you take it easy.
The 26-year-old actress said that the producers had retaliated, as they were angry for her no-show on the first day of shooting, even though she had told them that she had walking pneumonia and doctors had advised her not to fly.
pneumoniae causes "walking pneumonia." The second additional test is illumigene[R] Pertussis for the bacteria that cause "whooping cough."
Friends claimed that Lohan had complained for weeks that she had "walking pneumonia".
I finally [saw] my doctor and found out I had walking pneumonia. I could not walk too far without being fatigued and having to stop to catch my breath.
Quite often its cause is a pneumonia that has classically been referred to as "walking pneumonia" because afflicted patients could usually be treated as outpatients with antibiotics and supportive care.