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Ms Sebopeng said they got at least five buggies from the Lady Khama Charitable Fund, each costing at least P16 000, which were distributed around Francistown as a way of trying to meet the challenge of lack of suitable walking aids.
After some time in plaster, I am now mobile with walking aids.
IT is not only walking aids that are left with no use (Hospitals waste millions rejecting walking aids, Examiner, January 15).
Figures from 66 NHS trusts in England showed more than PS14 million was spent on nearly 560,000 walking aids since January 2014.
Walking aids littering living rooms across the country should be returned to hospitals and reused instead of ending up in landfill, Health Minister Steve Barclay said.
Creative pupils from Stane Primary went along to the care home last Wednesday to help the pensioners pimp out their walking aids.
The equipment, which consisted of walking aids, wheelchairs, movable oxygen stands, baby plume and drip stands form part of the Foundation's Corporate Social Responsibilities.
A frustrated councillor has blasted inconsiderate drivers who block prams, wheelchairs and walking aids with their dodgy parking.
So people should be made aware if they have walking aids, you will get abuse on the bus, as it's happened to me on four occasions.
The main hands-on activity being run at the workshop was a product assembly challenge--to put together various walking aids from the innovative Evolvable Walking Aid Kit, as she explains.