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A slang term for a patient who can ambulate and converse
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These walkie-talkie sets are of the same type used by international forces in Afghanistan, Samaa TV reports.
With a vibration facility, melody choices and hands-free capabilities these are effectively the James Bonds of the walkie-talkie world.
Ham radio operators will be out in force in Lane County and nationwide this weekend, hoping to prove that walkie-talkies and shortwave radios still have a place in a cell-phone-dependent world.
Or maybe he just needs to recharge his walkie-talkie.
Immediately walkie-talkies, with their "beep" button, came to mind.
These radios are about as powerful as the walkie-talkies that emergency personnel carry.
For example, a fire chief using a walkie-talkie to contact the walkie-talkie carried by a policeman in a burning building has to hope that the two devices have the same type of dedicated hardware, Robert said.
Archaic walkie-talkies are so unreliable that officers have to buy phone credit themselves so they can stay in touch with headquarters.
Monitored by two men with walkie-talkies, Tanaka dragged himself across the wide river along a red rope attached to both banks.
For some transformer action, the Hip Talkies are walkie-talkies that turn into FM radios.
The 2,000 guards were dressed in sky-blue leisure suits and jaunty caps, and carried only walkie-talkies. The event was billed as "The Games of Peace and Joy." The New York Times reported:
What it comes down to is that computing will become even more pervasive and even less reliant on hardwired monitors and keyboards, thanks to Bluetooth interfaces that allow computers to drive printers without wires and turn digital phones into walkie-talkies when they come into range of each other.