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An extreme sport in which the participant water skis with a type of snowboard, which allows him/her to perform various gyrations
Injuries Knee joints, ligaments, water skiers’ enema
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In addition, some projects feature one or more of the following leisure facilities: a wakeboard park, swimming pool, basketball court, clubhouse or multipurpose hall, church and commercial market, among others.
Located in Maryville, Tennessee, MAC is a designer and manufacturer of wakeboard towers and accessories and a producer of custom-patterned cockpit covers, bimini tops, and boat covers.
We'll be displaying the latest wakeboards and water skis from many familiar water sports equipment brands.
It is brought all the way from Budapest, Hungary and is a recognised international extreme sport that will feature some of the world's professional wakeboard talents, performing spectacular stunts, displays and acrobatic moves.
It grew into the biggest wakeboard competition in Europe and the music element now brings in 25,000 plus festival goers each year.
Last November, El Shaarani's board whizzed by 11 Arab riders, carrying him to first place and earning Egypt a gold medal in the Arab Wakeboard Competition in Qatar.
This is a fascinating insight into the often unknown and inaccessible worlds of professional surf, wakeboard, snowboard and BMX," said Oakley UK marketing manager, Tom Cartmale.
Wave carries a full line of Nautiques and Supra ski and wakeboard boats and Manitou pontoon boats.
As Europe's largest wakeboard music festival there is also the chance to watch wakeboarding by day and music by night.
The event in Doha presented the much-awaited final battle for the 2004 World Cup titles in the four disciplines of Slalom, Tricks, Jump and Wakeboard.
Send the answer with your name, address and telephone number to: Wakeboard Competition, PO Box 4013, London E14 5BE.