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wahoo (wä·hōōˑ),

n Latin name:
Euonymus atropurpureus; parts used: bark, stem, root bark, stem bark, seed; uses: heart problems, induction of strong bowel movements, stimulation of flow of bile, induction of perspiration, induction of vomiting, expectorant, general health, gall bladder dysfunction, facial sores, gynecological conditions, appetite stimulant, liver dysfunction, skin disorders, malaria, constipation, dandruff, vomiting of blood, painful urination, stomach pain; precautions: may cause intestinal irritation; may be toxic in large quantities. Also called
burning bush, eastern wahoo, Indian arrow-wood, spindle tree, and
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Wahoo are low priority as a commercial species, a status that is likely to be responsible for the lack of biological research on the species that has hindered the undertaking of rigorous stock assessments (Zischke, 2012).
WORCESTER -- After a successful fall season in the Worcester County League, the Worcester Wahoos swim team recently celebrated its second-place finish with an recognition night and its annual Swim-a-Thon at the Jewish Community Center pool on Salisbury Street.
Here blue marlin run in May and June; white marlin, tarpon and bonefish in the spring; while wahoo swim from the fall to the spring; and sailfish and blackfin tuna barrel through from May to July.
October can sometimes yield a nice showing of wahoo between the edge of the reef and the 50-fathom line.
para]]SINGAPORE and PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea, June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- InterOil Corporation (NYSE: IOC; POMSoX: IOC) has resumed drilling at Wahoo with the Wahoo-1 side-track exploration well in Petroleum Prospecting License 474 in the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea.
The rest of the fields Wahoo and Itaipu hold substantial potential resources and it would be that the operating partners of these fields will at a later stage be able to present commercially viable development plans.
With the transaction completed, Omaha Steel Castings will complete its construction of and relocation to its new foundry in Wahoo, Neb.
The Wahoo girls finished first and the boys second.
com)-- Northeast Georgia-based Wahoo Docks, North America's leading manufacturer of floating aluminum boat docks and gangways, continues to expand its commercial product portfolio for marinas and public access areas by announcing the development of the Wahoo Wave, a self-contained floating wave attenuator suitable for fresh and salt water applications.
Wahoo Sam had Climate back in third when winning over 7f here five weeks ago, but the latter gained his revenge over two and a half furlongs further eight days later.