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When the candidate was described as a Democrat, he was more likely to be perceived as a waffler (M = 11.
VillaWare unveils three new waffle makers: Mickey's Then and Now Waffler, the Rose Bouquet Waffler and the VillaWare Professional Waffler.
This special-edition waffler commemorates Mickey from several classic cartoons like "Steamboat Willie" and "Fantasia.
Political economist and prominent Waffler Mel Wat kins, is active in writing and teaching about the responsibility of scientists and others around the development of nuclear weapons.
At the Housewares Show, Salton will look to build on the George Foreman legacy with the introduction of the Next Grilleration G5, which offers a contact grill, sandwich/panini grill, jumbo waffler, baking pan and griddle.
THAT arrogant waffler Sam Galbraith refuses to resign and, by "mutual consent", Ron Tuck quits with a pounds 100,000 golden handshake at the taxpayers' expense.
Campaign spokesman John Lister said: "We can only assume he was a dictionary compiler in a previous life to come back as a waffler of this quality.
Good at expressing his views on a wide range of subjects, the jockey is a TV producer's dream -"We've got five minutes to fill, go and find Fitzgerald"-but he is far from a waffler.
Coffee, Osterizers, deep fryers, irons and waffler makers.
BROADCASTER and veteran waffler John Waters is outraged by the new Bruno movie and told listeners to Today With Pat Kenny as much this week.
A stark contrast to VillaWare's standard mirrored-chrome look, five models in the new line include a Belgian, Heart and Classic Waffler, as well as the 4-Square Belgian and 4-Square Classic Waffler.
With her unerring instinct for skewering a waffler, she kept at him until he blurted out tuition fees were "non-negotiable".