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, vulval (vŭl'văr, vŭl'văl),
Relating to the vulva.


pertaining to the vulva.


, vulval (vŭl'văr, -văl)
Relating to the vulva.


(vul'va) (vul've?, 'vi?) plural.vulvae [L. vulva, covering]
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VULVA: Inferior view of the perineum
That portion of the female external genitalia lying posterior to the mons veneris, consisting of the labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibule of the vagina, vaginal opening, Bartholin's glands. See: illustrationvulvalvulvar (vul'val) (vul'var), adjective

vulva connivens

Vulvar agglutination.

vulva hians

Vulva in which the labia majora are gaping.


pertaining to or emanating from the vulva.

vulvar atresia
failure of the orifice to open may occur with imperforate anus as a congenital defect.
vulvar bleeding
occurs as part of any hemorrhagic diathesis; chronic local bleeding occurs in mares with varicose veins in the dorsal wall of the vulva; voluminous arterial bleeding can occur in cows after a difficult calving.
vulvar episioplasty
surgery for repair of the vulvar orifice and its sphincter muscles most commonly for the correction of wind-sucking in the mare.
vulvar fibropapilloma
a wart growing on the vulvar mucosa; caused by bovine papilloma virus; most cases recover spontaneously as do similar lesions on the prepuce and penis.
vulvar fold dermatitis
see fold dermatitis.
vulvar inflammation
vulvar neoplasms
includes papilloma, sarcoma and submucous fibroma.
vulvar parturient hematoma
these can be dramatic in mares because of their size and the speed with which they develop.
vulvar rupture
tears including the musculature are not uncommon in heifers and mares as a result of a difficult parturition.
vulvar squamous cell carcinoma
may occur at a high level of incidence in ewes whose tails have been docked too short as part of a radical Mules operation, exposing the vulva to direct sunlight.
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This first assessment of Opdivos activity in women with advanced cervical, vaginal and vulvar cancers enrolled in this cohort of CheckMate -358 supports further investigation, especially because these patients have very limited options after chemotherapy or radiation fails, said Shinta Cheng, M.
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Evaluation of bilateral inguinofemoral groin nodes should be performed in patients with lesions in the vulvar midline, and ipsilateral groin node evaluation should be performed for those with lateral lesions lying more than 2 cm from the vulvar midline.
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2%, is not often considered in the initial evaluation of vulvar dermatologic complaints.
Destruction of multiple or extensive vulvar lesions is done via any method.
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Vulvar is the payment made by the family which takes the girl into matrimony to the family of the girl.
So far there 16 cases of vulvar lipomas reported in worldwide literature.