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 [vul-sel´ah] (L.)
a forceps with clawlike hooks at the end of each blade.
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vul·sel·la for·ceps

, vulsellum forceps
a forceps with hooks at the tip of each blade.
Synonym(s): volsella, vulsella, vulsellum
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vulsellum forceps

Long forceps, used primarily in gynaecologic procedures to grasp (slippery) tissue and provide traction or torsion.
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Anterior lip of cervix held with vulsellum with speculum in the vagina.
The use of a curved uterine vulsellum for removal of rectal foreign bodies: report of a case.
As the uterus is being removed, place four vulsellum tenacula successively at the 3, 12, 9, and 6 o'clock positions of the vaginal cuff as it is developed (FIGURE 13).
Pervaginal and per-speculum examination done and anterior lip of cervix was caught with Vulsellum and Manipulator was inserted in cervical canal.
Instruments required: Sims vaginal speculum, Vulsellum, Ayre's spatula, Glass slides and cover slips, 95% ethyl alcohol for fixation [Figure 1].
Anterior lip of cervix is grasped with vulsellum forceps and cleansed with betadine solution.
Later the mass was held with a vulsellum and delivered out (fig.
Usage of newer instruments like Bulldog vulsellum and Biclamp facilitates vaginal approach easier and contributes to improved hemostasis and decreased operative time.
The anterior lip of cervix was held with vulsellum forceps and pediatric Foley's catheter no.