von Willebrand

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von Wil·le·brand

(fŏn vil-le-brahnt'),
E.A., Finnish internist, 1870-1949. See: von Willebrand disease.
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Von Willebrand syndrome is a deficiency or dysfunction of von Willebrand factor (vWF), a protein with binding sites for platelets, collagen, and factor VIII that "serves as a bridge between platelets and injury sites in vessel walls" and "protects factor VIII from rapid proteolytic degradation," Dr.
Conclusion: There is high frequency of von Willebrand disease among females presenting with heavy menstrual bleeding in our set up.
Measurement of von Willebrand factor-FVIII binding activity in patients with suspected von Willebrand disease type 2N: application of an ELISA-based assay in a reference laboratory.
Vonvendi is an important new option with the potential to redefine treatment for adults with von Willebrand disease," said Brian Goff, executive vice president and president of hematology at Baxter Inc.
sup][3] Therefore, in addition to the treatment of congenital bleeding disorders, such as mild hemophilia A and von Willebrand disease, DDAVP can also be used in clinical practice to treat the bleeding caused by abnormal PLT function after cardiac surgery with CPB.
Relationship between ABO blood group and von Willebrand factor levels: from biology to clinical implications.
Chua's suspicion--we both have von Willebrand Disease.
Women with known Von Willebrand disease during pregnancy should be informed of the risks of bleeding complications.
This report provides information on the therapeutic development for Von Willebrand Disease, complete with latest updates, and special features on late-stage and discontinued projects.