Spee, Ferdinand Graf von

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Ferdinand Graf von, German embryologist, 1855-1937.
curve of Spee - the anatomic curvature of the mandibular occlusal plane. Synonym(s): von Spee curve
Spee embryo
von Spee curve - Synonym(s): curve of Spee
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Results showed that in dental factors, deepening of Von spee curve was the most frequent dental factor while decreased mandibular plane angle was the most frequent skeletal factor.
Curve of Spee that exists in ideal dental occlusion was first described by F Graf Von Spee in 189022.
While the smallness of the threat posed by the German navy with von Spee's squadron in 1914 is hardly a big issue, the reach of German seapower is not really noticed at all, despite a raider showing up in New Zealand waters later in the war.
Von Spee celebrated victory in a German club in Valparaiso where a woman handed him a bouquet of lilies.
At the same time, faced with overwhelming allied forces in the South Pacific--Australian, British, and Japanese--German Admiral Maximilian Reichsgraf von Spee headed east for South America planning to raid commerce.
The British force was outgunned by the German fleet, led by famous Vice Admiral Maximilian von Spee.
The British force was outgunned by the German fleet, led by famous Vice Admiral Maximilian von Spee. The Royal Navy group was unfortunately mainly composed of obsolete vessels crewed by reservists.
The exhibition will also include Struggle on the Front Line (1974); created toward the end of the Cultural Revolution, this print highlights the ORed ChineseO communist partyOs insistence on ever greater demonstrations of loyaltyNthe caption reads OThe Furnace Fire is Even Redder.O In conjunction with the exhibition, a series of education programs will be offered, including gallery talks; a special Met Escapes hands-on printmaking workshop for visitors suffering from dementia and their care partners; and a lecture on May 11 by Clarissa von Spee, curator of Chinese and Central Asian collections, Department of Asia, The British Museum, on the collection and its history.
Where did the British navy defeat the German of pointillism, which uses tiny individual dabs admiral Von Spee in a sea battle in 1914?
Clarissa von Spee, Wu Hufan: A Twentieth Century Art Connoisseur in Shanghai.